BT-3 Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer

BT-3 Thermometer Hygrometer

Elitech BT-3 Indoor / outdoor temperature, indoor humidity display. ℃ / °F temperature switch display, comfort display. Indoor and outdoor maximum and minimum temperature memory function. Memorized MAX/MIN indoor temperature and humidity value automatically. With back stand and magnetic stick at back side, convenient to place. 
1) Measure and display the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
2) Automatically memoris the max./min. values of the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity
3) Switch between ℃ and °F
4) Clock function and alarming function
5) 12/24 hour mode switch
6) Recovery function on the max./min. values
1) temperature measuring range: -50~ +70℃ (-58 ~ +158°F)
2) humidity measuring range: 20% - 99% (relative humidity)
3) Resolution: 0.1 ℃ /0.1 F ;1%RH
4)Power supply :1.5V DC 7#battery

1xBT-3 thermometer with external sensor

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