LMC-310 Wireless Electronic Refrigerant Scale

LMC-310 Wireless Refrigerant Scale


"LAMP":Press to light the backlight and it will last for 10s.Press and hold for 3s to keep the backlight on all the time,buzzer will beep once as indication.
Press again to turn off the backlight.
Weighing operation:
The maximum weight of the scale is 100kg.
1.Take out the scale from the package and place it on firm and level surface
2.Draw out the spiral line of the hand-held device from the side of the scale
3.Press the "power"button on the hand-held device,the buzzer will beep once indicating self-test is finished.
4.Press"unit"to switch between "Kg","Oz"and"Lb".
5.Press"zero"to zero(tare)the scale
6.Place the refrigerant tank in the center of the scale platfom;zero (tare) it again to display the weight of  refrigerant.
7.Observe the change of refrigerant weight real time during charging and recovery.
over range indication
Other functions:
1.Power-on self-test:it lasts less than 2s.
2.Tare deduction in full range(100kg)
3.The LCD displays numbers from high digit to low digit.The digit that exceeds the digit range will not be displayed
4.Auto off:If the weight on the platform does not change for 10 minutes,the scale turns off automatically.
Safety notice
1.Please use the scale in specified environment to avoid error or damage of the sensor.
2.Please do not use chemical solvent or corrosive liquid to clean the scale.
3.Please do not disassemble the scale body and inner device;otherwise,it may cause great weighing error.
4.Please do not pull the spiral line hard in case measuring error is eblarged or the sensor damaged
5.Remove the batteries if the scale is not to be used foe a long time in case the leakage corrodes the scale.The batteries included are not rechargeable.Please do not charge them.
Max weighing 110kg(220Lb)
Resolution 5g 
Accuracy ±0.5%rdg+10g
Power supply 5AAA batteries
Duration 35 hours 
Operating temperature -10℃-40℃
Storage temperature -15℃-50℃
Temperature fluctuation range 5℃/h
Relative humidity 50-85%
 Product size 271*271*74mm

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